In today’s rapidly evolving commercial real estate landscape, asset owners face unprecedented challenges. But within these challenges lie opportunities for those willing to look beyond the obvious. At Bellringer, we specialise in uncovering both hard and soft benefits that can significantly enhance the value and appeal of commercial properties, with a particular focus on place strategies with economic benefits.

Our engagement with the Australian Turf Club exemplifies how our innovative approach to placemaking can yield tangible results. When tasked with challenging the proposed name of a new light rail station in Randwick, we didn’t just consider the immediate vicinity. Instead, we delved deep into the area’s rich history, current usage patterns, best practice wayfinding, and future potential to create a genuine sense of place.

Through meticulous research and collaboration with transport consultant MR Cagney, we built a compelling case for renaming the station from “Centennial Park” to “Royal Randwick” this wasn’t just about a name change; it was about improving wayfinding and crafting an identity that resonates with the local community and visitors alike.

Our approach encompassed:

1. Historical Narrative: We unearthed the deep-rooted connection between Randwick Racecourse and Sydney’s transport history, dating back to 1880 when the city’s first suburban tram line was established to serve the racecourse. We aimed to create an emotional connection between the station and its users by highlighting this rich heritage.

2. Cultural Significance: We explored how horse racing at Randwick Racecourse played a pivotal role in shaping Sydney’s social fabric, cutting across all levels of society. This understanding allowed us to position the station as more than just a transport hub but as a gateway to a historically and culturally significant landmark.

3. Community Identity: We recognised that the racecourse has been integral to the Randwick community for over 150 years. By advocating for the “Royal Randwick” name, we sought to reinforce this local identity and foster a sense of pride amongst the broader community.

4. User Experience Analysis: Our place planning approach extended to the practical aspects of wayfinding. By studying current public transport routes and user behaviour, we identified how the proposed name would enhance intuitive navigation for locals and visitors.

5. Futureproofing: We considered how the station’s identity could align with and support future development plans for the area, ensuring that our placemaking strategy had long-term relevance.

The result? Transport for NSW accepted the recommendation, leading to a station name that improves wayfinding, celebrates local history, and strengthens community bonds. This change can potentially increase foot traffic, boost commercial opportunities in the vicinity, and create a more vibrant, engaging public space.

But this is just one example of how Bellringer’s expertise can uncover hidden value in commercial assets. Our structured discipline and proven process ensure that each project, whether rebranding a property, optimising space usage, or enhancing tenant experiences, delivers consistent and high-quality results that create a strong sense of place.

We don’t just look at the physical aspects of a property. Our innovative, data-driven solutions consider:

  • Cultural and historical significance to create authentic, resonant spaces
  • User behaviour and preferences to ensure places meet real community needs
  • Potential for community engagement to foster a sense of belonging
  • Opportunities for sustainable growth that respect and enhance local character
  • Health and wellbeing enhancements that make spaces more liveable and enjoyable

By taking this comprehensive approach to place, we help asset owners address current challenges and position their properties as vibrant, community-centric destinations. Bellringer’s expertise can make a significant difference, whether it’s increasing tenant satisfaction, boosting property values, or creating spaces that people genuinely want to visit and spend time in.

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