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Pointe Des Arts, Ile Seguin, Paris

Client: The Street Society for Emerige

Services: Strategic Advisory – Non cultural land uses, retail, public space interface and design review

Year: 2024

BellRinger, in collaboration with Sydney consultancy “Reactivate” and the renowned urban collective “The Street Society,” has been engaged to advise on the vibrant cultural quarter, Pointe Des Arts, located in the heart of Ile Seguin, Paris. This marks BellRinger’s first European engagement.

Situated on the historic site of the former Renault car factory on Ile Seguin, an island site near Boulogne-Billancourt just outside Paris, this urban renewal project is a landmark initiative forming part of a broader urban renewal project. The engagement involves developing a ground plane strategy that seamlessly blends functionality with cultural enrichment. Pointe Des Arts is envisioned as a dynamic precinct dedicated to art, life, and public space. The project includes an office building, a 25,000 m² mixed project including an art foundation, a multiplex cinema, shops and offices, and a 4-star hotel. This vibrant cultural hub will host a diverse array of uses, including retail, commercial spaces, cultural venues, a Pathé-operated cinema, and a variety of food and beverage establishments.

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