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West End Ground Plane Activation

Bellringer played a crucial role in the Too Good Use and Studio Perspective-led collaboration aimed at revitalising the West End Mixed use project precinct in West Melbourne, which had its launch disrupted by the onset of COVID-19. This area was suffering from high vacancy rates and underperforming retail spaces, negatively affecting both the community’s social fabric and the economic viability of the development.

As part of this award-winning retail and ground plane activation campaign, Bellringer provided expert retail strategy advice. This included insights into the characteristics of successful retail precincts, outlining essential requirements for retailers, addressing ground plane interface design issues, reviewing tenancy design, and contributing to commercial feasibility studies.

Too Good Use spearheaded the grant campaign’s execution in partnership with Studio Perspective, successfully attracting over 180 businesses interested in joining West End. A year into the project the vacancy rate had dramatically dropped from 68% to 25%. Additionally, the collaborative team has established a Place Management Team and recruited a marketing manager to provide long-term support to the retailers, ensuring sustained growth and vibrancy in the West End community.

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